Urgently required: Those 20,000 Cornishmen to demand once more ‘The reason why!’

Yet another great day for Cornwall’s St Piran that saw the hashtag ‘StPiran’sDay’ trending again on Twitter; more people enjoying the celebrations; the massed flags of St Piran adorning the skyline and of course, the usual singing about those passionate ’20,000 Cornishmen’ we often hear about but never see, and makes us wonder if such Cornishmen still exist – and that’s a concern.  

A  concern because a situation is growing that could see Conservatives taking control of Cornwall in May.  If that were to be the case, it would see Cornwall merged into Devon and become ‘DevonWall” – Cornwall will become even more invisible to Westminster.

Remember that it was only a lover’s tiff between Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg that stopped the erosion of the Cornish border, and ultimately our Cornish identity, in the first place.  Also, the ‘bedroom tax’ would remain firmly in place.

Whatever the usual grandiose claims that eminate from Westminster prior to an election ie; Cornwall will receive more funding; more devolution for Cornwall, the reality is that NOTHING will change the decades of underfunding that ensures Cornwall remains the poorest part of Britain because there is no pressure coming from Cornwall Council that will change the way Westminster deals with the people of Cornwall.

Cornwall is again calling for the passion of those 20,000 Cornishmen and Cornishwomen


 Mebyon Kernow leader: Richard Cole

Unlike the centuries past, we won’t have to march the 300 miles on London; all that’s required is for us to vote for our local Mebyon Kernow candidate.  Let’s apply the ‘Cornish Hugg’ upon Westminster to exert the pressure required that will alert our political masters of MK’s growing support.

Let’s strive to have MK leader Dick Cole achieve a position where more powers can be demanded for the people of Cornwall via a law making Cornish Assembly; let’s vote a Cornish MP into power, into a position where he or she can state unequivocally that:

“Cornwall demands more powers via a Cornish Assembly, and not because I say so, but because the people of Cornwall will make it so!

Support MK on the 7th of May – vote for your Mebyon Kernow candidate or suffer Cornwall’s further demise; whining about it after the event must not be our option.

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