The one time proud ‘Sons of Cornwall’ have become a subservient ethnic group: An Gof will be hanging his head in shame.

Over the decades the governance of Westminster, formed in the various guises of Labour, Conservative, New Labour and the combined Conservative/Liberal Democrats, have served to ensure Cornwall and her people are amongst the poorest in the UK/EU. And the Cornish have been determined to keep it that way.

On May 7th, (40 days) it remains to be seen if the Cornish, an ethnic group similar to that of the Welsh and Scots, will not only understand that Westminster isn’t working for Cornwall, but will they also understand that they haven’t given the government any reason why it should treat Cornwall any differently?

The subservient people West of the Tamar an_gof-flamank

Michael Joseph An Gof, a blacksmith from St Keverne, roused his village to rebellion in 1497. The Cornish uprising was a result of taxes levied by the English government to finance a war against the Scots. The Cornish felt this was nothing to do with them and it became just another of their grievances against the English rulers.

Westminster recognises that, unlike the Scots and Welsh, the Cornish have lost the testicular fortitude An Gof that saw their fore-fathers challenge parliament not only at the ballot box, but also on the fields of battle.

A once proud, independent minded people have since become subservient; a compliant ethnic group that would make An Gof ashamed. The modern ‘Sons of Cornwall’ have become subservient to the Westminster parties who can be assured of the Cornish vote decade after decade and it goes like this:

The Cornish continue to vote for the Westminster parties, and the Cornish continue to be surprised about how they are ignored by the same Westminster parties for which they voted. The Cornish instead blame Cornwall Council; Cornwall Council blames Westminster and the Cornish moan.

The Cornish moan about the developer greed that trumps local need.  The Cornish blame Cornwall Council; Cornwall Council blames Westminster and the Cornish moan a bit more.

The Cornish moan about planning and  the subsequent over-development of Cornwall.  It’s possible that the Cornish lack the intellect that tells them they voted for those Westminster parties that put the National Planning Policy Framework  (HPPF) policy in place.  Instead, they blame Cornwall Council; Cornwall Council blames Westminster and the Cornish moan a bit more.

The Cornish moan  about cuts to services.  Again, cuts made by the very Westminster parties they voted for.  Again, the  Cornish blame Cornwall Council; Cornwall Council blames Westminster and the Cornish moan a bit more.

May 7th: The Cornish vote for the Westminster parties . . .

. . . and so it goes on . . and on . . and on . . .

The Cornish, while voting for the same outcome decade after decade, are happy when blaming everything and anyone apart from themselves.  Those 20,000 Cornishmen who dared to ask ‘the reason why’ have long sailed away leaving a Westminster-compliant Cornish electorate to wallow in their wake.

Governments only react to pressure.

The Welsh, and particularly the Scots, unlike their Celtic counterparts west of the Tamar, are applying the pressure on Westminster by supporting their own national parties. No doubt the Cornish at Land’s End could smell the effluent that emanated from London when the SNP were seen to be winning the Independence Referendum. Westminster’s ruling elite left London for Scotland faster than ‘excrement off a shovel’ in an effort to quell the Scot’s demand for self-determination; forcing the same ruling elite to make promises that ensured more devolution for the people of Scotland; more power to make their own decisions. Now that’s the kind of pressure that London will understand and act upon.

Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP:

If the UK parties move forward in that spirit, they will have, in me, a willing partner for progress,” she said. “If not, they will pay a heavy political price – not because I say so, but because the people of Scotland ‘will make it so’.

Will a compliant nation of Cornwall exert a similar pressure to ‘make it so’ ? 6823025644_6f8d123ea2_z

Will they continue to vote sheep-like for their Westminster parties of choice; the parties that keep Cornwall in poverty?

Will they continue hanging on to Andrew George’s now regular pre-election promises to deliver an ‘Assembly of Sorts’ for Cornwall?  Never once asking why Mr George has failed to deliver a Cornish Assembly during his five-year tenure in  government, the subservient Cornish will vote for one of their  own ilk; another subservient Cornishman.

Will they turn out to support their Cornish party – Mebyon Kernow, who are leading the campaign for the creation of a National Assembly for Cornwall.  A Cornish Assembly  that would replace the existing ‘English county’ administration to provide the necessary powers for unlocking Cornwall’s true potential.

The historic Nation of Cornwall has its own distinct identity, language and heritage. As one of the four nations inhabiting the British mainland, Cornwall has the same right to self-determination as England, Scotland and Wales.

Will the Cornish re-discover their testicular fortitude and  follow the examples set by their Celtic counterparts in Wales and Scotland; applying pressure onto Westminster by voting for the Cornish Party?

Or will they remain subservient to the English parties that impose the London-centric polices that keeps Cornwall in poverty? Doing it ‘dreckly’ must not be an option.

May the 7th:  Apply the pressure onto Westminster; force it to  take notice of Cornwall by supporting the Cornish party and the ONLY party for Cornwall – Mebyon Kernow

2 thoughts on “The one time proud ‘Sons of Cornwall’ have become a subservient ethnic group: An Gof will be hanging his head in shame.

  1. but then AN Gof had more supporters than MK If all Mk put their money with the bookies, then the bookies will retire in comfort


    1. Hello kernow43
      Thank you for your comment.

      Just to be clear, the ‘Sons of Cornwall’ in the blog post is a reference, in general, to Cornish people – not Mebyon Kernow.

      The article is asking the question: Will the Cornish electorate discover the ‘testicular fortitude’ similar to those who followed An Gof; make a stand and vote for Mebyon Kernow to bring about a law-making Cornish Assembly?

      There’s no time for arguments and the choice is simple. Will May 7th see the Cornish, the ‘Sons of Cornwall’ follow the path of continued subservience by voting for the same Westminster parties? Or will they acquire self-determination by voting for the Cornish party, Mebyon Kernow-The Party for Cornwall?

      Mebyon Kernow is the mechanism that can, given enough support, bring about the Cornish Assembly that will enable the people of Cornwall to make policies best suited for Cornwall.

      After all, what’s the point of demanding change by voting for the same?


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