Cornwall Councill’s ‘Case for Cornwall’ is asking Westminster for ‘More of the Same’

The Case for Cornwall
by the Leader of Cornwall Council,  Mr. John Pollard

“We seek your support for the Cornwall Deal – a packet of bold measures which support Cornwall Council’s new strategy to create a prosperous Cornwall that is more resilient and resourceful.

We need to be able to make our own decisions. Working with Central Government and with the commitment of one and all, we believe we can decide in Cornwall how we spend our money and deliver services to the people who live and work here. Cornwall has a proud record of standing up and fighting for what it believes in and we are determined to take advantage of this moment and shape our own future.

Our strategy provides a clear route to improving the quality of life in Cornwall. We have the ambition, we have the skills, we have the determination and the ability.

We want to work with Goverment to unlock Cornwall’s potential, improve the economy and be less reliant on funding from Europe and we are seeking the commitment of all political parties to fulil their promise to deliver greater devolution and match our ambition and commit to agreeing a Cornwall Deal in 2015

These are exciting times, we must size the opportuntity and forge a new settlement between Cornwall and the Government which makes us both stronger.”


Notice that the words ‘Cornish Assembly’ do not appear and that’s a shame; because without those words Cornwall Council is asking for ‘More of the Same’


“Please UK Government, may we Cornish have just a little more. . . pretty please?”

Demand a Cornish Assembly – that is the REAL ‘Case for Cornwall’!

“New strategy to create a prosperous Cornwall”
Answer: A Cornish Assembly

 – the REAL Case for Cornwall

We need to “make our own decisions” and “Working with Government”.

No.  Have you people learned nothing?  ‘Working with Government’ was how Cornwall arrived at this lowly position in the first place; one of being the poorest area of UK and wider EU.
Answer: A Cornish Assembly

“Cornwall has a proud record of standing up and fighting for what it belives in”.

No. Cornwall Councill’s idea of ‘standing up and fighting’ has maintained Cornwall’s position as one of the poorest areas within the UK and EU.
Answer: A Cornish Assembly

“Our strategy provides a clear route to improving the quality of life in Cornwall”.

No it does not.  
Without a full law-making Cornish Assembly, with real powers, Cornwall Council will remain at the mercy of  Westminster’s imposed planning targets; including housing targets that will increase the population in Cornwall ensuring the breaking of Cornwall’s infrastructure. In fact, it has already started: Cornish Hospitals; A&E; GP Sugeries; Dentists; Traffic &Road systems.
Answer: A Cornish Assembly

“We want to work with Goverment to unlock Cornwall’s potential”.

It’s due to Cornwall Council working with Westminster that has FAILED to unlock Cornwall’s potential.
Answer: A Cornish Assembly

Cornwall requires a law-making Cornish Assembly; anything less will be dictated by Westminster which will mean ‘More of the Same’

A law-making Cornish Assembly is the only certain way to draw-down powers from an over-centralised Westminster.

The Cornish Assembly and its Assembly Members will decide what powers would most benefit the people of Cornwall. Devolved areas that may include but not restricted to:

Education: eg  (to include Cornish History into the School Curriculum)
Planning: eg (including housing targets that are planned more towards the growth of the population of Cornwall, rather than targets based upon more inward migration.
Local Government: eg (Business Rates; Council Tax)
Culture: eg Cornish Language; Cornish heritage; etc.
Agriculture and Rural Affairs: eg (Develop policies that ensure Cornish producers are not marginalised by the national corporate stores)
Health: eg (Ensure Cornish NHS remains free at the point of delivery)
Employment: eg Employment Laws;

The Cornish Assembly Members would develop policies best suited for Cornwall
Develop Cornish Laws

Westminster would continue to have overall responsibility for some public services in Cornwall, for example police and the justice system, defence, national security and foreign affairs.

Cornwall Council should support the real case for Cornwall – A Cornish  Assembly. 

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