The Cornish Assembly: Mebyon Kernow and party leader, Dick Cole

Mebyon Kernow, the only party that exists to work wholly on behalf of the people of Cornwall, receives little recognition in the form of publicity to highlight the fact.

Mebyon Kernow had recently written to the BBC Trust stressing its disappointment that the BBC would not be allowing MK to have a Party Election Broadcast at the forthcoming General Election.  So it was something of a media ‘coup’ by MK that the party for Cornwall had managed to get a slot on the BBC’s Politics Today programme.


If there were  campaign medals for politicians, then surely Mr Cole would top the list.

iuWe often hear about the ‘independent mind’ of the Cornish people; that stubborn ‘never say die’ spirit from a minority group unwilling to throw in the towel.

But it is  evident that  Dick Cole is the embodiment of that independent mind; the epitome of that  ‘never say die’ attitude is testament to the fact that  Dick is still here; still fighting with that same passion, that same commitment, as when he joined Mebyon Kernow some eighteen years ago – and Cornwall needs him now – more than ever.

Over-centralised Westminster

We have seen over the decades how the Westminster parties, of all colours, have continued with their marginalisation of Cornwall.  Over the last five years we saw the attempted ‘DevonWall’ an insult to Cornwall that sought to erode Cornish political boundaries, which is still very much on the agenda and something that the next government might impose.

Again, the Westminster parties have, because of their lack of funding, overseen Cornwall’s position as being of the poorest areas in the UK / EU, and the reason that  Cornwall qualifies, and relies upon,  European funding.

Now, we are told, Westminster wants to keep its hands on Cornwall’s EU funding as well; to be spent on what London, situated 300 miles away, thinks what is best for Cornwall.  Which is exactly why Cornwall and her people exists in the position of poverty that Westminster has created.

Cornish self-determination

It’s vital therefore that we, the people of Cornwall, support MK’s aspirations of a Cornish Assembly.  Not independence, but a law-making government that would enable devolution; the drawing-down of certain powers from London that are best suited for Cornwall’s progression.

We must stop running ‘lemming-like’ towards the Westminster parties that maintain Cornwall’s position of poverty. Let’s give Dick Cole the support; show him that Cornish people still retain that stubborn ‘never say die’ spirit that he and MK have shown; that ‘independence of mind’ that refuses the continual marginalisation of Cornwall by the over-centralising Westminster parties.

It’s about a Cornwall of the future – YOUR future.

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