Requests for Cornwall Council to refuse planning are likely to fail


This admirable petition, directed at Cornwall Council, has acquired the signatures of  4,207 concerned people.  But sadly, the council has little say in the matter.

Treloyhan Manor, St, Ives

It must be understood that even if Cornwall Council refused permission, it can be over-ruled by Westminster on appeal.

It’s therefore really important that those who signed this petition understand that continued voting for the Westminster parties will bring them Westminster policies; policies that allows developer greed to trump local need.

Cornwall Council’s refusal of planning permissions has been overturned by a growing number of successful appeals. Costs to the council are rising disproportionately (costs met by Cornwall’s tax payers) and could prevent the council from challenging planning applications in the future.

To bring Cornwall the autonomy of making planning policies that are sustainable and therefore beneficial for Cornwall, will require a law-making Cornish Assembly.  An Assembly, although not independent and remaining part of the UK, can determine to shift certain powers from the corridors of Westminster to the streets and communities of Cornwall.

Councillors recognise that devolution for Cornwall is required.  But only one party exits to bring about real devolution through a Cornish Assembly and that party is Mebyon Kernow – The Party for Cornwall.

Cornwall cannot continue with an impotent Cornwall Council that can do little more than ‘rubber stamp’ Westminster’s unsustainable policies.

However, you can vote Mebyon Kernow on the 7th of May.  Your vote can help bring about the change necessary towards enabling Cornwall to take control of her own destiny.


Contact Mebyon Kernow

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