Mebyon Kernow leader, Dick Cole: Interview with BBC Spotlight

BBC presenter, Justin Leigh:  Owning a 2nd home in Cornwall could become a lot harder under plans in the manifesto from Mebyon Kernow.  MK is fielding a candidate in each of the Duchy’s six constituencies.  It says in areas of high numbers of 2nd homes it will stop more being built, and when 2nd homes do come up for sale, it would force them to be sold as primary dwellings.

John Henderson reports:

J.H. Black Alerts at Cornwall’s biggest hospital has made NHS funding a key battleground with the Tories promising whatever is needed, and Labour pledging an extra £2.5 billion, the LIbDems £8 billion. But is there another way to solve the NHS’s problems? Mebyon Kernow, the Party for Cornwall, thinks so.

Dick Cole
Dick Cole: The Party for Cornwall

Mebyon Kernow leader, Dick Cole: It’s to actually get a public sector budget that is actually fit for Cornwall’s needs, and we are not getting that at the moment as shown by the health service funding which is lacking.

J.H. Mebyon Kernow says that if Scottish and Welsh devolution settlements are anything to go by, Cornwall could expect to receive between £4 and £5 billion. That money would be divided up by a Cornish Assembly, a cental plank of which the party says is ‘prospertity for all’.

Cornish devolution

D.C. At the moment, Cornwall’s GDP is only two thirds of the UK average, so we are not generating as much money as we should. But that’s a failing of the system; a failing of a system that actually sucks people, it actually sucks jobs and economic activity out of Cornwall.

Far removed from the lifestyle magazines: A CHARITY found 59 people sleeping rough or in makeshift shelters in Cornwall on one night.

J.H. Mebyon Kernow wants to reverse austerity and crack down on tax avoidence.  It also wants a living wage.

D.C. At £8, £9 or £10 per hour, but we also need to look at cutting the wage high up, if you like, and then try to re-balance wages across the board.

J.H. Mebyon Kernow wants a Rent Control Act, and when it comes to second homes, there would be legislation.

MK Stop Austerity

D.C. In those areas that have got a large number of 2nd homes to say ‘no more’.  When those 2nd homes come on to the market, legislate that they can be only sold as first homes and to actually, again, balance our community.

J.H. Cornwall is still open for business, but 2nd home owners shouldn’t expect a warm welcome from Mebyon Kernow.

D.C. Come and enjoy Cornwall, but don’t come to Cornwall and actually destroy the fabric that they are coming to enjoy.


Transcript of an interview with Mebyon Kernow leader Dick Cole and BBC Spotlight. Transmitted on 27th April 2015

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