The people of Cornwall have spoken: and they want more of the same?

Apparently content with the way Westminster governed during the last five years, Cornwall has voted for  ‘more of the same’ over the next five years.   Can we assume that Cornwall’s electorate have not been troubled by the austerity and cuts after all?

Of course not, not all of them anyway, especially the Cornish minority group of which most are working class. There are people in Cornwall who have money and enough of the stuff not to worry about a failing NHS because they can afford to go private.  Housing is no problem for them either, as they’re likely to be multi-property owners; ‘2nd homes’ is a misnomer as many own more than two. These are the people who can afford the Tories.

The Conservatives have earned a second term and this time without the Liberal Democrats. With an overall Commons majority, they can do what they like; which they probably did anyway and would explain why the LibDem faithful dumped them quicker than a bout of diarrhea.

Scots give Labour a ‘braw skelp’

What was probably the biggest factor that enabled a Tory second term, was the scare tactics adopted by Cameron of a possible left wing Labour/Scottish National Party alliance blocking them from power. Further aided by Murdoch’s propaganda publications, it gave the English a similar bout of bowel dysfunction and gave their vote to the Tories.

Conversely, all that negativity directed towards Scotland, gave the Scots  good reason to give Labour a ‘braw skelp’ (although Labour getting into bed with the Tories during the Independence Referendum was also a factor) and the gave the Tories a ‘braw shoogle’ as they voted  for the SNP.

All that, coupled by the fact that barely 50% of the Cornwall’s electorate could be bothered to get of their backsides to vote, also gave the Tories more chance of success.   It’s a bit hypocritical of  the so-called ‘poppy facists’ who are quick to vilify those not wearing a poppy, but don’t bother voting for the very democracy soldiers died for.

Give Cornwall a voice in Westminster

There are people of Cornwall who remain in poverty from Westminster’s austerity policy; the underfunding that forced Cornwall Council to make savage cuts to their services (and more to come).  But if the working class Cornish can re-discover some of the passion, that independence of spirit they had backalong, then all is not lost.

Cornwall’s fightback against a contemptible Westminster must start now. Mebyon Kernow doesn’t have the finances of the Westminster parties, and is virtually ignored by an Anglo-centric BBC.

Help Mebyon Kernow to help you. Support  the Cornish party  Mebyon Kernow – the party for Cornwall,  by becoming MK members.  This will build the strength in depth to enable MK to win local elections and general elections.

Give yourselves a voice in Westiminster – join MK today! 
Unwaged – Only £8 a year!

Online registration:

Download forms for your family and friends here:

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