Cornwall has yet to have a voice in Westminster, but do we care?

Today, 56 Scottish MP’s will ensure Scotland’s voice is heard at Westminster. Mebyon Kernow, the only party that exists to give Cornwall a similar voice, is not present at Westminster.

Version 2
The man who will cut your benefits
The man who will scrap your Human Rights

The last election results came from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly which ensured the Tories had a slight majority (figures suggest 43% of the Cornish electorate voted Tory) that will ease their way towards slashing £12 billion of welfare benefits.  Included in their usual display of empathy will be the scrapping of the Human Rights Act that will ensure Westminster can screw the Cornish minority ever harder without any recourse.


The Tories also plan re-introduce their gerrymandering of Cornwall’s ancient border with ‘Devonwall’.   The Cornish party, Mebyon Kernow, has ojected strongly to the concept explaining that legislation would lead to a ‘Devonwall’ seat and would undermine Cornwall’s territorial integrity as Cornwall is a historic Celtic nation which should be protected.  Especially as the Cornish have national minority status which also reinforces why Cornwall should be a respected historic entity.

Also (and similar to an earlier Southwest Region construct) ‘Devonwall’ would serve to statistically exclude Cornwall.  Statistics that would explain Cornwall was underfunded and one of the poorest parts of UK/EU, would have remained hidden, depriving  Cornwall of  the EU funding for which it qualified.

We can only hope that the 56 Scottish MP’s will act as a Cornish voice.

Those who gave their vote to the Westminster parties, rather than heeding the warnings from Mebyon Kernow, will now get the Westminster policies for which they voted; much to the annoyance of those who did heed those warnings.

The people of Cornwall who would wish to have strong voice at Westminster (rather than the Westminster parties that invariably tow the line of their political masters) can join Mebyon Kernow.

You will contribute to the continuing growth and strength of the membership that will give Mebyon Kernow a voice to challenge Westminster’s policies, and to establish a law-making Cornish Assembly within the UK.

Mebyon Kernow membership here

The masters of Mebyon Kernow are in Cornwall – the people of Cornwall.

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