Cornish Boy
by J.C.Trewin

These things are for our son to know:
The Lizard Light, a circling sword,
Trebarwith tide in crumbled snow,
A wayward brook, a valley ford,
Restormal, when June stands upon the keep,
High seneschal of summer; larches’ sway
In spinners of Pencarrow, and the sweep
And flash of wings above Port Isaac Bay.

Truly these things are his. Then let him know
Tranquil St. Tudy, Landewednack trees,
Furze golden on Goonhilly. Let him grow
On Cornish earth between the Cornish seas:

For all are his, the cliff, the moor,
From dark Penwith to windy Rame,
The pebbled beach, the sandy shore-
The accents of his Cornish name-
The field, the river, and the strand,
The freedom of his Cornish land.

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